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Advancing Your Leadership Team to the Next Level

Kalamazoo Round Table (Thursday)

  • Turning existing leaders into better leaders
  • Anyone can lead, but in what direction are they taking your people?
  • Choosing leaders based on convenience is dangerous for an organization
  • Organizations “count people out” if they don’t want to lead, but you cannot have an organization full of people who only want to lead. Everyone plays a role
  • Look for coachable & teachable people to be leaders
  • Money motivates people to get into leadership even if they aren’t leadership material or don’t want to lead
  • Organizations aren’t spending enough on recruiting and training
  • A CEO needs to build the team – not act as director of marketing, finance, business development, sales person, etc.
  • Above all, leaders have to care about people
  • Look for qualities of leaders, not doers
  • Training needs to be intense
  • Give “bite chunks” and reinforce over and over again
  • Don’t try to make someone something they aren’t
  • Top needs to pull leaders up, not people just moving themselves up through the management chain.
  • Someone should be on staff to seek out leaders – good for sustaining future
  • Solid processes make leadership easier
  • Why does a potential candidate want to work with you? If they can’t answer, you can’t recruit them
  • Live up to what God wants you to be, not what the world says you should be. Don’t push against God’s design
  • Look at Simon Sinek’s Why Circles

Marshall Round Table

  • Hire based on both heart and aptitude.
  • Never waiver from the mission and vision.  Use a focus on the mission and vision to coach, mentor, set the strategy, determine the tasks, and referee disagreements.  Focusing on the mission and vision keeps a leader from getting distracted by the angst and tension of the moment.
  • When setting up opportunities for critical experiences, start with easier experiences (sending them out only to the Jews, and telling them to stay only with those who welcomed them), and then move to the harder experiences.
  • Pray for your leadership team regularly.
  • Focus on the long-term goal; don’t be distracted by the short-term turmoil.
  • Jesus’ leadership team wasn’t much of a team, and they weren’t very good leaders, when they came together.  It takes patience to create a solid team and bring them to a higher level.

Kalamazoo Round Table (Friday)

  • Challenges
    • What doesn’t the leadership know?
    • Clarity of vision
    • Finding leaders and training them
    • Coming alongside leaders to help them develop
    • Where are you at now? You need to know in order to define your “next level”
  • Solutions
    • Sit down with team to identify needs
    • Create a discontent with organization issues. People get comfortable
    • Add diversity to leadership team to obtain a larger point of view
    • Clear definition of values
    • Where are our opportunities for growth? Many times it is within our own companies
    • Strategy sessions
    • Steady, consistent progress
    • Improve vetting process to obtain people you want or fit in the company
    • Open door policy
    • Hire people that have strengths where the company is weak
    • Slow down and get back to brass tacks
    • Accountability
    • Break goals into bite sizes to gain momentum (90 day segments)
    • Identify the visionaries, integrators, and doers
    • Need to have a clear understanding of why goals aren’t met and figure out how to make it work. Is it because of a person, process, products, client, or you?
    • Identify, discuss, solve